Master Class Procurement Specialist BME

Master Class Procurement Specialist BME


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Module 1 (5 days)

Unit 1:

Principles of Procurement and Supply Chain Management

  • Introduction to the BME-MCPS course
  • Perspectives and evolution of procurement
  • Procurement as a supply chain function
  • Procurement politics and objectives
  • Fundamentals of strategy development
  • External and internal influences on procurement
  • Organisational aspects of today‘s procurement functions
  • Core competencies of purchasing employees today and in the future
  • Fundamentals of logistics
  • Quality management basics
  • Cost of quality
  • Overview of key procurement levers
  • Procurement and supplier manual
  • Procurement‘s role in specification management
  • The value added by procurement

Unit 2:
Operational Procurement as Inventory Management, Planning and Replenishment

  • Definition of operational, tactical and strategic procurement
  • Objectives of inventory management
  • Roles and responsibilities associated with replenishment function
  • Conflicts of interest with stakeholders 
  • Inventory classification
  • Costs of inventory management
  • Inventory performance measures
  • Forecasting processes
  • Just in time principle
  • Kanban, C-parts replenishment, push and pull inventories

Module 2 (5 days)

Unit 1:
Cost Accounting, Price Analysis and Performance Controlling
  • Definitions of cost terms and objectives
  • Direct and indirect costs, opportunity costs, job costing and process costing principles
  • Cost allocation, variable and absorption costing
  • Manufacture or buy decision
  • Activity based costing
  • Costs plus pricing and pricing policies
  • Net present value concept
  • Internal rate of return
  • Pay back costing
  • Budget process, managing price variances, standard costs, transfer pricing
  • Target costing, life cycle costing
  • Value and price analysis based on profit margins

Unit 4:
Strategic and Tactical Sourcing, Tools and Methods

  • Procurement strategy definition
  • Development and implementation
  • Material group management
  • Procurement instruments identification and allocation
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Supplier evaluation, supplier selection, supplier integration, supplier development, supplier classification and supply market research
  • Porter`s five forces model, internal demand management, RFI and RFQ process, bid analysis and linear price programming
Target Group
  • Newcomers to procurement functions with basic business knowledge
  • New buyers in a material group management organisation
  • Buyers in cross-functional/project roles

Teaching Methods

Lectures, group discussion, case studies, group work


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